Dr. Claudia Cottrell

Animal Kingdom Chiropractic


Serving the greater Duluth Superior area in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin

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Our Mission

Animals love us unconditionally. They wait long hours for us to come home, or to come out to the barn or pasture. They depend on us for shelter, food, physical care, and love. As an animal chiropractor, my personal mission is to assist in nurturing that human-animal relationship. By providing chiropractic care, animals benefit by being healthier, being stronger, being happier, and living longer. Witnessing the smile on an animal's face - and their person's face - makes my day.

Clinical Goals of Chiropractic

Relief of Pain and Symptoms

Return to Full Function

Promote Full Healing

Reduce the Likelihood, Severity, and Frequency of Recurrences

Prevent the Development of Degeneration

Animal Kingdom Chiropractic

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